Spirit Life Church
02-28-21 Pastor Ricky Are We Responding or Reacting?
02-24-21 Pastor Ricky Stay in Faith
02-17-21 Pastor Chelsee Occupy Until He Comes
02-14-21 Brother and Sister McClurkin Love, Are You Doing it Right?
02-10–21 Pastor Ricky Led by the Holy Spirit
02-07-21 Pastor Chelsee Exceeding in Life
02-03-21 Pastor Ricky Time to Get Your Joy On!
1-31-2021 Pastor Ricky Joy
01-06-2021 Pastor Ricky Don’t Back Down
01-03-21 Pastor Ricky Hope Is Not Faith
01-10-21 Dr Sally Edwards Words Matter
12-27-20 Pastor Chelsee Unwrapping the Gift of the Holy Spirit
12-06-20 Pastor Chelsee Edwards Are you missing Christ this Christmas 2
12-16-20 Brother Clinton McClurkin Christ the True Gift of Christmas!
Pastor Chelsee Are You Missing Christ This Christmas
11-29-20 Pastor Ricky Edwards FaithThinking
11-22-20 Pastor Ricky Edwards Human Faith v. God Kind of Faith
11-18-20 Pastor Chelsee Edwards Positioned for a Purpose
11-15-20 Brother Clinton McClurkin Your Shout, Your Victory
11-11-20 Brother Steve Rutherford Peace by Faith

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