Spirit Life Church
08/01/2021 Rev Marcel Josephs Fear Not
7/28/21 Pator Ricky Edwards Your reaction will determine your outcome
7/25/21 Pastor Ricky Edwards Love
7/21/21 Pastor Chelsee Edwards & Bro. Steve Rutherford Water the Seed
7/18/21 PM Dr Ricky Edwards Special Meetings
07/18/21 AM Dr Sally Edwards Special Meetings
7/17/21 Dr Ricky Edwards Special Meeting
06-30-21 Pastor Chelsee Using the Armor of God
6/27/21 Brother Clinton McClurkin A Godly Foundation Brother Clinton
6-20-21 Pastor Ricky Edwards Firm Foundation
06-16-21 Pastor Chelsee Unity
06-13-21 Pastor Ricky Time vs. The Language of Faith
06-09-21 Pastor Ricky The Oil of Joy
06-02-21 Pastor Ricky Joy
Sacrifice of Christ
04-28-21 Pastor Ricky Faith over Senses
04-25-21 Sister Brittany Bondage vs Freedom
4-18-21 Brother Richard Hope.mp3
04-14-21 Brittany Reckless Love of God
04-11-21 Pastor Ricky Believe for the Extravagant.mp3
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